Civil-Electro-Mechanical E&C

Civil – Electro – Mechanical Engineering and Construction at GMEC, remains a principal business and is carried out by the project implementation team consisting of highly experienced managers and engineers with extensive knowledge in the field of Oil, Gas, Chemicals, Petro-Chemicals, Alternative Energy, and Power industries. 

The company manages optimum resources from all over the Kingdom for achieving highest productivity for our team members and optimum utilization of equipments. We are an Engineering & Construction organization with extensive project management experience with over 150 clients in the industries such as Oil, Gas, Chemicals, Petro-Chemicals, and Power. We remain in service to our clients towards gaining competitive advantage in the field. In Fabrication segment major works has been carried out by GMEC in Oil Refinery, Petro-Chemical Plants, and Power Sectors across the length and breadth of Saudi Arabia.