Management Review

Management shall review quality system annually at a minimum to ensure its suitability and effectiveness in satisfying the corporate goal. Records of such reviews shall be maintained.


Sharing the core values, the GMEC seeks to continuously provide services based on the highest quality standards and in compliance with the following management policy:
1.     Ensure the quality system is established, maintained and implemented in accordance with the policy.
2.     Report on the performance of the quality system to executive management for review, and as a basis for    improvement of the quality system.
3.     Liaison with external parties on matters relating to the quality system.
4.     Secure profitability and realize steady growth.
5.     Strengthen the base of GMEC and establish innovative technologies, as well as develop lines of business      with vertical and horizontal diversification.
6.     Accumulate and utilize capital and resources with provision for future.
7.     Maintain fair personnel policy and develop capabilities as well as vitality of individuals.


As a globally active entity with engineering-based services as its core business, GMEC makes the maximum efforts to enhance its corporate values and realize its corporate policy with the level of recognition given to


Grounded in integrity, GMEC adheres to highest standards of ethics. GMEC lays emphasis and enjoys its reputation as an ethical organization in the region. At GMEC, we stand by everything we do.


1.     Conservation of earth's environment and engagement in corporate activities beneficial for society.
2.     Accountability and integrity.
3.     Fair trade and mutually beneficial relationship.
4.     Shareholder’s confidence.